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Polkamarkets Mainnet is here! Premiered at Moonriver, an EVM built on top of Kusama.

Polkamarkets is thrilled to announce the release of its Mainnet which is happening on the Moonbeam Network.

Polkamarkets Weekly Prizes Announcement

Last week, Polkamarkets Labs announced the deployment of the Protocol Incentives including a bulk of activities to incentivize protocol adoption throughout the community and industry. These Protocol Incentives include:

  • Weekly Prizes
  • Liquidity Mining
  • Protocol Incentives for use
  • And much more…

Today, we are happy to announce that we have started…

Polkamarkets Audit Report (Hacken)
Polkamarkets Audit Report (Hacken)

We are happy to announce that the Polkamarkets Protocol has been audited by Hacken and passed. Architecture Review, Functional Testing, Computer-Aided Verification, and a Manual Review, were performed on Polkamarkets’ smart contract.

This article is made to help our community understand what audits are being done and detail some important…

POLK Token Utility — Curation Mechanism and a Settlement & Dispute System

Polkamarkets is hard at work to provide an entertaining and high-volume prediction market. The POLK utility token is a critical part of that mission, and in this post, we will discuss how POLK is distributed to the market. The topics to be covered are:

  • The POLK use within the Protocol

Polkamarkets #8 Monthly Recap — September 2021
Polkamarkets #8 Monthly Recap — September 2021

As part of the Polkamarkets Roadmap, much work has been done to get the protocol ready for mainnet. The month of September marked the most important milestones for Polkamarkets to date, as we launched the prediction market protocol in a live environment.

Polkamarkets Mainnet is here! …

POLK is now Tradable on Sushiswap via Moonriver

After yesterday’s exciting milestone for Polkamarkets, POLK is now Tradable on Sushiswap via Moonriver. As part of our continuous work to bring cross-chain functionalities to the protocol, you can now swap POLK from Ethereum to Moonriver using Meter.io and you can also buy POLK directly from the SushiSwap pair.


How to Bridge POLK from Ethereum to Moonriver via Meter
How to Bridge POLK from Ethereum to Moonriver via Meter

Polkamarkets is getting closer to the mainnet launch on Moonriver. After thorough testing and user feedback on Kovan Ethereum Testnet, the product is entering its final phase before live deployment. …

Polkamarkets Partners with Meter for Moonriver Bridge
Polkamarkets Partners with Meter for Moonriver Bridge

Polkamarkets is pleased to announce a partnership with token bridge technology Meter.io. This partnership plays a critical role in Polkamarket’s roadmap towards its Moonriver mainnet release. Meter.io is an infrastructure for connecting smart contracts on different blockchains, while helping them to scale their resources.

Polkamarkets #7 Monthly Recap — August 2021
Polkamarkets #7 Monthly Recap — August 2021

Since mid June, when we announced our partnership with Kleros, that we’ve been entirely focused on building our protocol towards a fully crowdsourced event resolution. This also meant to enable a wide variety of genres across diverse premimses, and to ensure our users that they are well-formed and resolve clearly…

Polkamarkets Releases Decentralized Market Creation
Polkamarkets Releases Decentralized Market Creation

Polkamarkets team is really happy to announce another milestone towards mainnet!

Market creation is now decentralized and enabled on our testnet WebApp. POLK holders are now able to create markets and be part of our vision in building an Autonomous Prediction Market Protocol built for cross-chain information exchange and trading.


Autonomous Prediction Market Protocol Powered by DeFi, NFTs and Polkadot. https://www.polkamarkets.com/

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