Announcing Polkamarkets Labs New Website

Announcing Polkamarkets Labs New Website

The year 2021 is when it all started for Polkamarkets Labs, full of milestones achieved with the release of the Mainnet Premiered at Moonriver as the major one. We wanted to start 2022 as fresh as it could be and we couldn’t be more excited. We’re happy to announce and release our new website, as the first step of a big journey throughout 2022!

New Year, New Website

The route to decentralization continues and we wanted to make it clear on the website, with more transparency and relevant information about the protocol and its metrics, such as TVL, TTV, Active Users, Active and Featured Markets, Partnerships, and much more. Check it now and share your feedback.

This is just the beginning of 2022, and we have plenty of things to do. Our core focus is to give the community the best technology, more amazing features with their own benefits and functionalities, and to show the real potential of DeFi, web3, and decentralization within the protocol.

2022 Roadmap Developments

  • Moonbeam Deployment (V2 Polkamarkets Protocol) with features such as multiple outcomes (>2), stablecoin ERC20 options, oracle resolution options, market initial prices (odds), liquidity mining ($POLK), and much more.
  • NFT Marketplace and Gamification strategies.
  • More protocol rewards initiatives.
  • Polkamarkets automated bot feed on Discord.
  • Video tutorials to support and help user adoption of the protocol.
  • An extended support/FAQ page with all of the community’s questions regarding the prediction markets protocol.

We are thrilled about what 2022 will bring to everyone and we will be continuously working on development in order to progress on our roadmap.

  • Fiat Ramp Integration.
  • Deployment on other EVMs such as Polygon, Avalanche, and much more.
  • Mobile App development.
  • Dynamic Markets News Aggregation.
  • POLK V2 Protocol Governance DAO.
  • Polkamarkets Alliance Group.

You can read more in our Public Roadmap. We update it on a bi-weekly basis (once per two weeks). All development only mentions the Protocol Side of Development. Stay tuned and up to date by joining our Discord Server.

We Are Hiring!

  • Node.js & Solidity Developer (apply)
  • Chief of Ecosystem Growth (apply)

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