Polkamarkets Weekly Prizes Announcement

Polkamarkets Weekly Prizes Announcement

Last week, Polkamarkets Labs announced the deployment of the Protocol Incentives including a bulk of activities to incentivize protocol adoption throughout the community and industry. These Protocol Incentives include:

  • Weekly Prizes
  • Liquidity Mining
  • Protocol Incentives for use
  • And much more…

Today, we are happy to announce that we have started with the Weekly Prizes. This means that every week we will be rewarding a total of $3,000 USDC to the TOP3 addresses that make more volume on the protocol, the ones that buy and sell more shares, and add more liquidity volume-wise.

  • 1st Place wins a total amount of $1,500 in USDC to the same address used on the protocol
  • 2nd Place wins a total amount of $1,000 in USDC to the same address used on the protocol
  • 3rd Place wins a total amount of $500 in USDC to the same address used on the protocol

Also, there will a Special Reward for the address that creates more quality markets. Stay tuned for more updates!

How will the winners be announced?

Important: After announcing the winners, the distribution of the rewards will be made between Friday and Saturday of every week.

Participation Rules

Polkamarkets Protocol is a 100% decentralized protocol for informational and educational purposes only. POLKAMARKET OÜ (Polkamarkets Labs) does not take any custody, profits or host over any markets.

POLKAMARKET OÜ displays existing markets live on EVMs or sidechains and is a graphical user interface for visualizing data and interacting with the Polkamarkets Protocol Smart Contracts via your Web 3 injected wallet.

Terms & Service

Risks & Disclosure

How to get started?

  • How to connect your wallet to Polkamarkets: The very first step in the Polkamarkets app (read more)
  • How to place market predictions: Learn how to buy/sell shares of market outcomes (read more)
  • How liquidity works: Learn how to add/remove liquidity from markets, and what impact it has (read more)
  • How are market prices determined? (read more)
  • How market resolution works: Learn about the crowdsourced market resolution process. (read more)
  • How do I claim my winnings? Learn how to claim your winnings and liquidity after the market is resolved (read more)
  • How to create a Market: Step-by-step guide on how to create a market in Polkamarkets (read more)

Important: POLKAMARKET OU has a trading arm on the protocol, however, it will be excluded from the accounts/addresses list to avoid rewarding it.

Forecast the future at https://app.polkamarkets.com

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